The little list on how to prevent, control & treat infectious diseases

Ways to prevent infectious disease

  • Monitor animals for signs of disease

  • Vaccinate animals

  • Ensure good farming practices; keep a well-sanitised environment, adhere to stocking density guidelines, watch out for good health and welfare in animals, ensure there are decent traceability and identification practices and lastly, biosecurity is key.

Ways to control infectious disease

  • Quarantine animals thought to be infected

  • Diagnose quickly

  • Treat the animal or remove it

  • Vaccinate animals where possible

  • Sanitise the environment and have a protocol in place

  • Biosecurity is key

Ways to treat infectious diseases

  • Make sure the diagnosis is correct to ensure proper treatment

  • For bacterial infections, use culture and sensitivity testing and use the appropriate antimicrobials to treat the cause of infection

  • Antivirals can be used for some viral infections

  • Antifungals can be used to treat fungal infections

  • Anthelmintics can be used to prevent and treat parasites

  • Supportive treatment to make the animal comfortable and feel better

With any treatments, it is important to consider withdrawal times for meat and milk and to be aware of responsible antibiotic usage.