Online Pet Shops Ireland - When do I get free shipping?

Since the lockdown, online shopping has become such a big part of our everyday lives. Having the two dogs, I find myself shopping for pet supplies regularly. I like to find the best deal and often compare many websites before I decide to purchase.

One thing that I find can be a big decider on whether I choose to buy from a particular online pet store is the cost of postage. For most retailers, postage is free after you spend a certain amount. So with that in mind, I decided to make a list of the minimum spend required to qualify for free postage.

I've selected 15 of the top pet stores that appeared on Google and noted how much you need to spend before getting free p&p.

If there is any information on their sites regarding the cost of postage up to that threshold, I've included that too. All of the shop names are linked to their delivery pages. For additional information, just click on the shop name below and it'll bring you to their delivery page.

  1. ZOOPLUS - €49, €4.99 postage up to €49

  2. PETMANIA - €39

  3. EQUIPET - €15, €3.99 up to €15

  4. PETSTOP - €20, €5.25 up to €20

  5. PETWORLD - €29

  6. PETWORX - €50

  7. PET BLISS - €29

  8. PETS PLUS - €50

  9. BARKING MAD PET BOUTIQUE - €100, or €5.99 up to €100

  10. ALL 4 PETS - €50

  11. PET CAGE WAREHOUSE - No minimum spend, flat rate €5.95 on all orders

  12. PET PARLOUR - €49


  14. PET FOOD DEPOT - €50

  15. KINSEALY PET STORE - €20, a flat rate of €5, exclusions apply

As you can see Equipet, Kinsealy and Petstop are in the top three lowest. Just remember to compare, it does pay to shop around. Even though one may have a lower minimum spend than another, the cost of the items might actually be more expensive, so do your research if you have time!

I hope you find this little list helpful!

Happy Shopping! :)