Animal disease basics - Types of disease & transmission

At the moment, I am studying MSc level Animal Disease, and while it is fascinating, my brain is gone a little rusty! I've decided to take it back to basics and revisit my Animal Disease undergraduate module from my time at UWE.

Dr Grace O'Gorman was our lecturer there, and I'll be sharing some of what I learned in her lectures, in my own way, of course! I've hyperlinked each point to a page with further explanation on each point to help you.

So to start at the basics, let's look at what types of diseases there are in animals:

- Bacterial

- Viral

- Parasitic

- Fungal or Yeast

- Prions

How do diseases transfer between animals?

Vertical Transmission

This can be from one generation to another by colostrum, in utero, transplacental. An example of this is Toxocara canis through the milk and/or placenta.

Horizontal Transmission

By direct, indirect or airborne routes.